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על דעת המקום

Exhibition at the Fresh Paint art event in Tel Aviv 2021. At the new National Velodrome, open to the public October 21-26, 2021.

“Chanan Mazal’s works deal with the vision of an immigrant artist, in his quest to become a true “son” of his ancient/new homeland. He freely uses Biblical and Zionist Halutz motifs to relive quite personal memories. Those same motifs also pose larger questions. They dramatically change their focus from Jewish identity, to universal human needs and spiritual conflicts.
Mazal’s figures appear replanted in collage-like landscapes. The patterns are cut and pasted in an exuberant chaos, yet are often defined by geometric order.
Spontaneity competes with intention. Mazal’s works blend Expressionism, Surrealism and Jewish symbolism.”

Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewiz, Curator of the exhibition.