Beneath the surface of my art lies a skirmish.

A battle between order, and exuberant chaos; between good manners, and the jubilant naughtiness of my subconscious.

Horror Vacui @2015 Chanan Mazal, Jerusalem

I rarely plan my work with any detail.

Rather, I attack the painting surface quickly, often wildly, and then calmly work hard to collect the jarring elements into one aesthetic package.
I like things to be pretty in the end, but never too perfect.

As with handmade Persian rugs and Japanese pottery, beauty is in their imperfection. Only machine made rugs are perfect. Mistakes are charming.

The Tempest #1, Painting by Chanan Mazal, Jerusalem 2017

Photography captures a split second. Painting and drawing are more like good European cinema, with the plot gradually evolving over time.

I find the art of story telling to be as important as a plot with a surprise climax. Therefor, My artwork shares the story of its creation with viewers. I leave little windows in time, showing earlier layers and earlier intentions.