Painting During the Plague

This period of uncertainly and isolation from my audience has encouraged me to take risks. The results are more personal and self revealing than previous projects, and thus (I hope) also more universal.

Most of these oil paintings are layered over previous works. They are in conversation with their earlier stories – quite like all of our own individual and communal biographies. Perhaps that is why they were so moving for me to create, and to share.

The need to feel connected to our surroundings, is such a basic human need. We make great sacrifices, to feel at home. With wide open eyes, people sacrifice financial security, status, even their adult ability to express themselves fluently, so their children will never be barely tolerated guests.

Perhaps most of us experience this feeling at least once in our lives. For others it is their entire life. They are heroes. For some their goal is even higher. It is to reenter history as actors, building the future.