I’m Flying Like an Airplane 2020

I’m Flying Like an Airplane 2020. Oil on canvas 100×110 cm.

אני טס כמטוס 2020

I worked and reworked this canvas for years. It began with a plan to create a painting entirely in shades of white. Soon a tree entered. Followed by yellows and my beloved weird greenish “dark yellows” joined. (They arecreated by adding a drop of black into various lemons and flame colors.

My sleeping pilot made his landing last week.

The Heroics of the Invisible People

Oil on canvas. All three were painted during spring 2020, during the Corona epidemic and lockdown. This period has been particularly fruitful for me.

Corona #1

Belonging to a community, to a destiny. Searching for identity and healing identity conflicts. Value conflicts. Gaining a new community, without erasing one’s past. Rejoining history, becoming a player, and not an outsider.

All of these issues were present in my personal life, and so very present in the evolution of Israel.

These are the earliest works in my present project.

They are all in gouache, on Claybord panels.

My plans to purchase more of these panels on a planned trip to America. “Man plans and God laughs” they say in Yiddish. Well that laugh led me to creating very different works in oil paint, that I shall share in future posts.