Song of the Land

Exhibition Opening Artist’s Talk

Friday, Dec 23, 2022 at 10:30 am

At the Yad Ben Zvi history research institute, 14 Ibn Gevirol St, Jerusalem.

Youth Aliyah Girls from Germany, 2022

בנות עליית הנוער מגרמניה 2022. שמן על קנבס 80/90 ס״מ

Youth Aliyah Girls from Germany, 2022. Oil on canvas 80/90 cm

A Good Home 2022

מבית טוב 2022

Oil 90/80 cm

I searched online for photo references for paintings exploring “human figures embedded in pattern”. I found a lovely formal family portrait, that caught my heart. From the clothing I inferred that it was taken in America around 1940. Were they very young parents with their teenage daughter? Or siblings? Their posed body language and shy smiles were both dignified and very much at ease. At ease with each other.

Enigma and Empathy

אניגמה ואמפתיה / חידה וחמלה

As much as I want to explore new themes, 2 topics keep on reappearing in my work:

Our humanity and identity are rooted in our surroundings.

Our constant search for a personal voice.

Monologue 2022. Oil and acrylic 120/140 cm.

I get gratification from creating human figures that emerge like jigsaw puzzles from a jumbled landscape of patterns. My newly invented colleagues play Hide and Seek inside the canvas. While sometimes a bit lonely, they still express vitality and resilience. They will surely find their unique voices.

Angel Choir 2022. Oil and acrylic 120/140 cm

Enigma and empathy. And respect.

Pears 2022

Oil and acrylic 140/120 cm. I painted and signed this last year. But something small bothered me in the composition. I reworked it an am much happier now.