Bronx Oranges

Bronx Oranges by Chanan Mazal

Bronx Oranges 2011, Gouache
SOLD and in its new home… back in the Bronx!

Why “Bronx”? Something about the patterns and colors reminded me of Art Deco textiles and housecoats.

Before every Passover, my grandfather sewed housecoats for the young ladies of his household. I once found a bag of rags in the attic, along with other shmattes from my grandmother’s apartment. I asked if I should throw it out. But my matter-of-fact mother rediscovered them with joy, as the patterns and colors of the 1920s, 30s and 40s brought back sweet memories.

I shared with my collector an observation about my work: I always sell works that were a watershed, enabling a big discovery and change in style. So I complemented her sharp eye. As she narrowed down her selection, every single piece fit into that category.