Szól a kakas már – A Rooster is Crowing

Szól a kakas már – A Rooster is Crowing, was written by the Rabbi of Kaliv before the Holocaust. In Hungarian the song expresses awareness of being trapped and hunted in the Exile. The final line switches to Hebrew, with a hope to return to Zion.

התרנגול קורה – מתוך הדיסק המדהים “מוזיקה יהודית אבידה מטרנסילבניה

The performers, Muzsikas found sheet music annotated in 1946. An ethnomusicologist from Budapest traveled to Transylvania to collect music from the few young people who returned from Auschwitz. A few years ago Muzsikas went to Transylvania to seek out elderly Gypsy/Roma musicians who had performed at Jewish wedding before the War.

The result was an amazing disk called “Lost Jewish Music from Transylvania.