Five Persian Flasks

Gouache painting by Chanan Mazal

Five Persian Flasks, 2014, Gouache on paper 46 x 61 cm.
חמשה בקבוקים פרסיים 2014. גואש
Contrasting wild, spontaneous and drawn undercoats, with the ornamental, painted over layers, continues to intrigue me. I find it cathartic to bounce between wild dance movements, usually created while standing up, and the very controlled leaves painted while sitting.
In this series, I search for a paradox: Either by unexpected colors or by subject matter and line, I seek to create, erase and recreate a feeling of depth and distance. These round bottles, supposedly with volume, can only be flat. Cutout. Motionless. The patterns behind them however, flapping in the wind, are anything but that.

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