the Limits of Ornament

מתיחת גבולות הקישוט

Older works that stretch the limits of ornament, stretch the limits of “refined” Western taste and redefine “horror vacui” in painting.
In the process, some paintings pay homage to “ugly” colors.

For a century the “art world” rejected it a trivial. After a few years of unsuccessfully battling it, I fully embraced my old love of ornamentation and pattern. Taking permission from the American “Pattern and Decoration” movement of the 1980s, I let loose!

I strive to elevate pattern in a manner, that expresses both artistic concerns – and my personal, subconscious feelings.

Ah… those little leaves? Initially I painted them connected to twigs. Yet their free fall, all over flight give me greater gratification. They have no clear direction of growth, just a playful respect for each other’s space.