Barefoot Homeland

מולדת יחפה

The lyrics of popular songs reflect the evolving values and identity of a society. This is certainly true of Israeli music.

Like so many other nations, Israel is going through a deep and boisterous search to redefine her identity.
How particular are we? How universal?
Are we a suburb or Europe? Or decidedly in the Middle East?
Or neither? Rather we are primarily a continuation of our ancient religious identity?

Painting by Chanan Mazal, Jerusalem, Israël ציור של חנן מזל, ירושלים

Silence in Jezreel 2017 דממה ביזרעאל. Gouache and mixed media. 46 x 366 cm. 18” x 144” inches.

  • Silence in Jezreel, 2017 by Chanan Mazal

Each of these paintings was inspired lyrics of Israeli songs, written between the 1930s and 2019. Some images relate directly to the words, others are deliberately taken out of context. Most of the songs are familiar, part of the cannon taught to school children. The songs and the images often elicit an “Ahhh, Uhuh” when revealed, as they touch deep memories in our biographies.

Paintings in gouache, over watercolor, ink and gold leaf, painted upon koalin coated wooden panels.
Created and exhibited during my artist residency at Kol HaOt in Jerusalem.