מוזמנים לאירוע הבא בפורום קפה שפירא:
מפגש עם שני אמנים ייחודיים – חנן מזל ושמואל שלסט – בהנחייתו של בני ציפר.

המפגש יתקיים ביום רביעי יא׳ טבת 15.12 בשעה 19:00 בבית אורי,
רח׳ היצירה 28 רמת גן.

חנן מזל הוא צייר שחוקר את התחדשות הזהות ויצירה היהודית-ישראלית ע״י שילוב סמלים מקראיים וחלוציים.
שמואל אנטולי שלסט הוא צייר העוסק ברעיונות יהודיים קבליים בשפה ייחודית ועכשווית.

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עליית קיר קטנה

Hebrew language video of short gallery talk about ”A Small Upper Chamber” exhibition, until Dec 29, 2021.

Fresh Paint / Tel Aviv

Finally! Exhibiting and meeting art lovers! This year’s Fresh Paint art even was bigger and more joyful than ever. After 2 years of quarantine, 40,000 people came to this week long event.

It was an amazing eye-opening and affirming experience for me. My work was met with love. It was an affirmation of my personal voice and talent. But more than that, the response was an affirmation of my call to relate to the very local and to the inner lives of our viewers. For art to relevant and be more than a status symbol, we must speak to our audience. Addressing only a handful of gate keepers, purse holders or glamor galleries in Berlin or NYC, is a way to guarantee that we alienate most others.

Sunshine Penetrates Underground 2021

אור השמש חודר לשורשים 2021

Oil, 70 x 80 cm.

Are they fruits? Rocks? Potatoes?

Or as my cousin suggested, Spanish Doubloons retrieved from a pirate shipwreck? Many people reacted that the image brinks a sense of joy and optimism. (Golden yellow does that.) Others added that it is very local, that is it expresses an old local dream of connection with the Land. But potatoes?

As always I love creating a small visual, enigma. A bit of humorous irony.

Drawing from Observation 2021.

Quite the opposite.

רושם מתוך התבוננות 2021

Oil, 2021 on an older monochromatic painting. 70 x 50 cm. Creating an human image, as defined by his or her surroundings, continues to fascinate me.

As does irony.

Drawing from Observation 2021. Oil painting by Chanan Mazal, Jerusalem Israel. חנן מזל