Corona #1

Belonging to a community, to a destiny. Searching for identity and healing identity conflicts. Value conflicts. Gaining a new community, without erasing one’s past. Rejoining history, becoming a player, and not an outsider.

All of these issues were present in my personal life, and so very present in the evolution of Israel.

These are the earliest works in my present project.

They are all in gouache, on Claybord panels.

My plans to purchase more of these panels on a planned trip to America. “Man plans and God laughs” they say in Yiddish. Well that laugh led me to creating very different works in oil paint, that I shall share in future posts.

Sticking to My Art Routine

Sticking to My Art Routine 11.13.2019. Japanese ink.

דבק בשגרת האמנות. דיו יפני

I can’t hear the booms in my studio, but lots of jet fighters made a big circle above on their way back to the base.

See Far, See Clear 2019

רואים רחוק, רואים שקוף 2019

Gouache and watercolor on koalin coated, cradled panel, 46 x 91 cm.

Exhibited in “Cover Uncover Cover” at the Jerusalem Theatre, June-July 2019.

The name is quoted from a song by Yankele Rosenblit, and refers to Moses climbing to the peak of Mt Nebo to get a clear view of the unreachable Promised Land before death.

I struggled through this painting. First adding and removing large barefoot legs marching from the heavens, above the hills. Then adding and removing an alter ego figure, shouting at this contemplative and silent man.

In the end, I let the pure blue do the talking, as it peaks thru the smoggy tempest.