One Persian Flask – Gouache and ink, 61 x 46 cm. December 1, 2014. Available


בקבוק פרסי, גואש ודיו.  46 * 61 ס”מ, 1.12.2014. למכירה

I truly tried to make this one ugly at first. It seemed as if the initial  nasty color combinations and spooky undercurrents, were beyond my ability to turn into something with delicacy and conventional beauty. Did my self imposed challenge succeed?

Tablecloth #6, 2014

Tablecloth #6, 2014. Gouache painting by Chanan Mazal, Jerusalem.  חנן מזל
מפה #6, 2014 ציור גואש 46 * 61 ס”מ
Autumn colors – though actually the palette was concocted by a self challange: I had several dried tubes of paint. Being of Polish Jewish origin, I must have inherited an ancestral fear of poverty, and aversion to waste. So I sliced open many of those hardened tubs, and crumbled the pigments into water. (Now this is NOT what artists should be publishing to promote their work!) And then asked myself, “What can you DO with this mess?
There is nothing that I enjoy more than finding beauty in a mess. Making harmony out of cacophony. Finding my directions on Paris’ confusing streets, without a map.