Fresh Paint / Tel Aviv

Finally! Exhibiting and meeting art lovers! This year’s Fresh Paint art even was bigger and more joyful than ever. After 2 years of quarantine, 40,000 people came to this week long event.

It was an amazing eye-opening and affirming experience for me. My work was met with love. It was an affirmation of my personal voice and talent. But more than that, the response was an affirmation of my call to relate to the very local and to the inner lives of our viewers. For art to relevant and be more than a status symbol, we must speak to our audience. Addressing only a handful of gate keepers, purse holders or glamor galleries in Berlin or NYC, is a way to guarantee that we alienate most others.

Studio Espionage









A peek at my painting process. Early May, 2013.
Pencil and ink, then gouache, on 3 “Claybord” panels. (Wood, coated with white clay.) 30 x 135 cm.

I have been busy…

"And I Saw a Cypress" Gouache painting by Chanan Mazal, 2014 I

I have been busy exploring the border between drawing and painting. Gouache over pencil, pastel, oil pastel, calligraphy ink…. and whatever else was within arms reach. 30.5 x 30.5 on Ampersand Clay Panels (Koalin – white clay on hardboard. An artist’s dream come true. Alas, they ain’t available here in Israel, and my secret source has run dry.)