Planted by Waters 2016


שתול על מים

Gouache on 4 wooden panels,  91.5 x 183 cm. 36″ x 72″

Storytelling was once an integral part of most painting. This work would tell tell a story of of cultivation. Clearing rocks and weeds, plowing and planting trees.

It was painted when I felt a communal need for comfort, for reconnection and optimism. The blood red soil is waiting to be covered with a new summer’s dusty greens and sun bleached straw. Waiting to be drowsy in the sun, and cooled by the waters.

Only later did I realize its deeper meaning: The perspective is inverted. What seems close is actually far. What seems far is at hand. Our perspective on life’s events and upon our nation’s decisions, is not what it seems at first impulsive glance.