And I Saw a Cypress 2014

ואני ראיתי ברוש

Gouache over ink, pencil and pastel. On koalin (white clay) coated hardboard. 30 x 30, 30 x 40 and 40 x 50 cm

This series of small paintings has a spiritual meaning for me. All began as abstracts. Some were athletically drawn, then erased and redrawn over and over. Others began as wild ink splatterings, drippings, and strokes. Many of the paintings were quite good at thais early stage, and it felt almost destructive to add the next layer, and hide all of that good energy.

Destructive? Or perhaps restrictive? Whatever.

These works reflect a battle between my hidden, wild and naughty exuberance, and my mask of decorum. While painting, I felt as if my own, real life value and allegiance conflicts, were right at the surface. I enhanced my confusion, by repeatedly reversing the sense of order and disorder, and of positive and negative images within each painting.

Tall cypress trees and leaves or else tall ladders appear in all paintings. Are they connecting Heaven and Earth? Or perhaps connecting body and soul? Balancing freedom with obligation?

חשבון נפש