Common Cypress


ברוש מצוי
Common Cypress 2015

Polydych, on 4 panels 45 x 230 cm. Gouache over mixed media, painted on koalin coated wooden panels.

Exhibited in the Jerusalem Biannale 2015

The work was given the botanical name of the Mediterranean cypress, native to the eastern shores of that sea, and not as we would imagine to Italy Provence and Spain.

For a ‘northerner” like me this evocative tree was anything but common, nor was it for the early Zionist immigrants from Europe, for whom it became a symbol of the Land of Israel. While in my previous series, I used the cypress as a portrait of myself in my spiritual and ethical battles, here i use it to paint a romantic portrait of my land.

Once again, I often depict the image, from the outside: Rather than paint the trees themselves, I overpaint the “background” surrounding them, and leave the trees as windows. A Hebrew saying states that man is molded by the landscape of his childhood. So too, I often get my clearest vision of my passion for this land, from the outside, when I go for visits to the “Old Country”.

As in my previous series, I was inspired by lyrics from Hebrew songs that have joined the cannon.

Details of the panels. From the right (as in Hebrew)


בחמסין בקרה


באב אל ואד


נומה עמק ארץ תפארת


מראץ מרחקים נפלאות