From Observation

Self Portraits


A well know dictum states that all artwork is really a self portrait of the artist. My works certainly are!

But sometimes I allow myself to go deeper, in exploration of my identity: I laugh at myself; weigh my goodness and my evil; check the tenacity of my beliefs, notice my aging, and redefine my masculinity.

Heck, I can only offend myself with this unflattering approach!  So I permit myself to stretch the limits of my expressive abilities.

Sketches and Drawings

Belorus Grove 2013

Working from observation, clear my brains and reopens my eyes.

When I find that my work is getting stale, going back to these basics, invigorates even my most decorative or abstract work. Yet, even in my most realistic or lyrical drawings, I follow the same thought processes that I described earlier:

I create order out of energetic, emphatic and quite chaotic beginnings. Likewise, even in works created from observation, my eye seeks out the repetitive patterns and “ornament” underlying nature.