Shaar HaGai / Bab el Wad

Shaar HaGai Triptych #5, 2015, by Chanan Mazal, Jerusalem. All rights reserved.

Shaar HaGai Triptych #5, 2015, gouache over ink on kaolin coated panels, 40 x 150 cm.

טריפ טירון ״ שער הגאי ״ #5, 2015. גולאש מעל דיו, על לוח המצופה בחימר לבן

Based on my memories of my first journey to Jerusalem. I wished to translate the sensation of traveling up that winding mountain road, in the ravine between the steep hillsides. And of my searching for the burnt out armored cars, from the siege of 1948, hidden by the cypress and pine trees.


Shaar HaGai Triptych #5, Left Panel


Shaar HaGai Triptych, Center Panel


Shaar HaGai Triptych, Right Panel